Resilience by Brian Taylor

A year of unprecedented turbulence posed challenges for recyclers, but the industry’s resilience has been on display.

People in every walk of life will have reasons to remember 2020 as a year unlike its predecessors, including business owners and managers who navigated uncharted waters in dealing with a deadly virus.

The global spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, was a public health crisis that demanded rapid responses from governments and the private sector. In March and April, simply obtaining “essential industry” status was the first important hurdle recyclers had to clear in the western world.

Processors, consumers and traders of all materials felt the impact of COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions. Volumes and profits in 2020 did not meet the prepandemic expectations of numerous companies. However, considering the path that had to be traveled, most recycling firms can look back and be grateful they managed through a turbulent year.

Resilience by Brian Taylor

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