Welcome to the Recycle-it’s Green Word – in this newsletter we hope to introduce new ideas about recycling, new innovations on available equipment, reflection and news about the current recycling markets, and special customer program highlights.
Today, we want to give a short personal look at Recycle-it.
Recycle-it LLC is a company that believes integrity, honesty, and reliability are crucial building blocks to creating and maintaining long-term business relationships. We are not your typical dock stop company – pick up your recyclables and leave- but a full service recycling and sustainability processor and consulting group.
We have a central processing facility in Brookpark, Ohio with a full staff and a fleet of its’ own trucks and trailers. Our team is excellent - here in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio - to service, educate, and provide profitable solutions for recycling and waste diversion.
Our job is to make recycling simple and profitable.
We have an excellent team here to serve you!